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By Jon Epstein, 18, President

A few years ago, a family friend of mine, Conor Lynch, who played baseball at my little league was hit and killed by a distracted driver. After seeing how much pain and suffering the family and close friends of Conor went through, I knew that I never wanted another family to go through this pain again. I began researching online about distracted driving and found some pretty alarming facts that made it clear to me that this incident was not an exception to the rule, but a tragedy that happens to several thousands of families a year.

While taking driving lessons to get my license, I was constantly reminded about how distracted driving is dangerous. And every time the subject of distracted driving came up, I would flash back on Conor. I believed that I would never be a distracted driver because I didn't want to endanger myself, my friends, my family, and every day people on the road. But when I finally got my license, I realized how easy it is to look at a text, answer the phone, or change the song.

As I myself became a distracted driver, I also began to realize how dangerous all of these activities were. I came to the conclusion that I would never text, talk, eat, or do anything that could distract me while driving. I realized that when people are in a car, it is so easy to do these activities and came to the revelation that something must be done about this growing problem of distracted driving and that is why I formed Leading Everyone Against Distracted Driving, LEADD.